The Risk of Not Committing vs The Cost of The Wrong Choice

Have you ever told yourself it's better to hold off than to commit too soon to the wrong path? And has that waiting period ever turned into months or even years of nothing? I feel ya. I spent my twenties churning in angst, insecurity, and indecision. That's right. I spent a DECADE following bad advice and obeying my fears and generally accomplished very … [Read more...]

A Stranger Offered Candy to My Kids

We all agree that we don't want strangers offering candy to our children. Whether it's been tampered with or just a means to manipulate a child's affections, YOU JUST DON'T DO IT. That's why I was caught off guard when this countrified older gentleman asked if he could give Micah and Katie a treat. We were at the park letting them blow off some steam after an … [Read more...]

Preserve. Honor. Create.

I'm sitting here on my bed reading the first few inspiring pages of Jon Acuff's new book, DO OVER. It's so inspiring, in fact, that I just set it down mid-reading page seven so I could type this out. Some things have to change around here. I'm not just talking about this website. I'm talking about this country. Heck, this entire world. … [Read more...]

Here’s Why Twitter Shouldn’t Succumb to Anonymous

As a distant appreciator of Anonymous' work, I typically have little to complain about. After all, they have brought a measure of justice to a world where red tape allows the guilty to remain free. But we've crossed the threshhold here with this latest #OpISIS campaign. According to, This time the hacker team has been teaming up with GhostSec and … [Read more...]

An Atheist, a Buddhist, and a Christian Walk Into a Bar

Carter: Religious Liberals and Religious Conservatives both have an apocalyptic narrative. It just differs in the how and why. John: Lets hear it. Carter: Religious Conservative believs man is so sinful and bad, that eventually God will have to judge the earth and destroy everything. The righteous will be whisked up to heaven and the wicked will be tortured … [Read more...]