Aaron Brazell Speaks on WordPress Q&A

Aaron Brazell from B5 Media and Technosailor.com:

Categories and Tags can coexist. Aaron exclusively uses tags to help new visitors find valuable older content.

Can you have too many tags?  Many tags are more easily picked up by Technorati. It's easier to explore related content with more tags. It's easier to find various formats (podcasts, video, photos, text) with tags. You can't have too many tags.

What is GPL and why is it important to WordPress?

Any code that goes into WordPress has to be GPL. All code can be redistributed as long as it goes with the copyright. 

The very foundation of WordPress is to share code freely. You CAN charge for open source, which is a common misconception. The big money maker for GPL is services, however. Those are people/companies who benefit from the open source community and offer services related to the open source applications.

What do you think about premium WordPress themes?

 The problem I have is when these themes come with riders that say you have to keep the copyright and author info. I have no problem with people who create themes and charge for them.

What are hooks?

Hooks are provided so that plugin authors can modify the behavior of WordPress without changing the code. 

Now with WordPress 2.5 you can add photo thumbnails that automatically become individual posts. 

Note: the consensus among the big whigs here is that Tagging is more important than Categorizing. Technorati and many other social bookmarking sites focus on tags, and this is more important than picking a WordPress specific category. In other words, tags are more universal.

My home page is more of a portal, with bulleted lists to a series of important topics. I got very fortunate to get Lisa Saban, who wrote WordPress for Dummies, to design my blog. 

Question:Why doesn't WordPress support iframes, or what are we all doing wrong for posting coveritlive live blogging code to our WordPress blogs?

It's a good question. If you have an iframe you're trying to add to a post. Use the plain editor or use the short code (non-html). 

Question: I've been using categories but haven't been tagging in the past. What should i do about past blog posts?

I'd say go ahead and continue using categories, but go ahead and begin adding tags now. There's a plugin also that converts categories to tags. 

Question: How do you compare tags with a book's Index?

That's an excellent point. Tags are more like a book's Index, whereas the categories function more as the Table of Contents. 

End of session. Lunch.

Next Session: Chris Smith on SEO for Bloggers will begin in one hour.

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