Culture Feast History

I launched CultureFeast in 2005 with a vision to become a used and rare book store online. I was inspired by my former employer, Archives Books. They began as a brick and mortar store and transitioned to an exclusively online store while I worked there. It all seemed so simple. People brought in books to sell. We bought them cheaply. With the help of five other employees, I entered the data for all newly acquired books into a database which would get listed for sale on Amazon, Alibris, ABE Books, and Barnes & Noble.

I ran into two challenges that proved insurmountable: the lack of a physical store where people could bring me books they want to sell, and the technology required to host an e-commerce store on the website.

Pretty big challenges, as it turns out.

Life After the Bookstore That Wasn’t

With hopes of one day figuring it out, I launched as a WordPress blog. The plan was to one day get the store up and running and keep the blog as an interesting add-on.

Many writers have contributed to Culture Feast over the years, sharing unique perspectives on the relevant cultural topics of our time.

In 2010, I took some time away to grow a family, relocate to the foothills of Tennessee, and partner with my wife in the day to day operation of what has become our family business, Now I’m back & ready to engage with what I call the “thinking class” about the topics that matter most.

Thank you for stopping in. I hope you’ll contribute your voice to the conversation.

– Daniel Dessinger