Friday December 19th 2014

Am I the Only One Who Pays My Taxes?

uncle_samI feel like a real schmuck. The sad fact is that the reason I feel like an idiot is because I’m honest.

On the day I’m writing this, February 2nd, I’m gathering up all my tax stuff to send to the lady who has done our taxes for years. While I’m looking through all our receipts, records, W-2s and such, I’m listening to talk radio and how Tom Daschle, Obama’s pick to lead the Health and Human Services Department, failed to pay more than $120,000 according to

This is after Timothy Geithner, former head of the New York Fed and now Secretary of the Treasury, apologized last week for not paying all of the taxes he owed and blamed TurboTax for his mistake. The disgusting part is, after that lame excuse, after all the public outrage and people complaining to their representatives about how this doesn’t make any sense at all, the people’s voices were ignored and he was still approved.

Of course, it’s been rumored that one of the reasons why Caroline Kennedy was rejected as Hillary Clinton’s replacement in the New York senate was because she allegedly had tax problems.

And these are the people who have been caught. Just think of all the politicians in Washington who are wiping their brows with relief because they haven’t been caught committing a tax faux pas. All of this leads me to ask, how many of our leaders and the wealthy are doing their “patriotic duty,” to quote Joe Biden, and are actually paying what they owe the government?

There has been discussion on CultureFeast previously about Fair Tax and Flat Tax. I think that if we had either one of those systems in place, the wealthy would still find a way to get out of paying their share.

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  • The Sandman

    Here’s a massive list of Senators and their tax problems –

  • Lisa Pawlowski

    Sandman, thanks for posting this url. It’s fascinating. Of all the senators, only one does her own taxes. I think that says alot about our tax code right there. If the politicians think it is too complicated to deal with, maybe we should look at a simple alternative like flat tax.

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