The DMV: Why Aren’t More People Avoiding This?

I hate going to the DMV. It has been a place I have dreaded for as long as I remember. The one in Fremont, Ohio shared space with the union hall for years. They have their own building now, but my memories of the place will always be a run down building that had the lovely smell of urine. The workers were usually less than pleasant. The one in Bowling Green was … [Read more...]

Music Review: NCIS The Official TV Soundtrack

I’ll be the first to admit that one of the reasons I like many of my favorite television shows is the music they choose for the soundtrack. The background music is part of the overall package. Of course the writing and acting is the big draw, but a well chosen and placed soundtrack always gives a show a special place in my heart. NCIS has not always been fabulous … [Read more...]

The Fray is the new Rock

I heard several people complain about Coldplay as rock band extraordinaires at the Grammys. I mean they were REALLY angry at the thought of Coldplay being mislabeled as a rock band. Apparently, piano playing leads don't qualify as Rock. Who knew? To make matters worse for Rock, you have The Fray, a talented band with a sophomore album on its way to similar … [Read more...]

Music Review: Brandy’s New Album, Human

After a 4 year hiatus, Brandy is back with her 5th studio album, Human. It's an extremely personal effort that sounds like entries ripped from the singer’s diary. Brandy fans will be happy to hear that her voice has matured and rides the beat effortlessly as she sings of love, hope and new beginnings. Human has Brandy linking back up with producer Rodney Jerkins … [Read more...]

Forget Hallmark This Christmas: Make Your Own Greeting Cards

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a prepackaged card that says nothing personal but a signature and a "Merry Christmas". C'mon, people! You can do better than that! Okay, I won't judge you if you buy Hallmark cards. But I WILL tell you that I am never touched by professional greeting cards and what they say. Only the cards from loved ones who actually write … [Read more...]