Art in Paradise

I work at Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG), a non-profit organization, and I love it. This will be my third summer working there, but my first in the office, putting my degree and post graduate certificate to good work. I spent my first two summers as a student gardener, working on getting my thumb to the greenest state, all while getting the worst farmer’s … [Read more...]

Cottonwood Art Festival this Weekend

If you live near Richardson in the DFW area, check out the Cottonwood Art Festival this weekend. Artists will include painters, sculptors, 2D mixed media, glass blowers, jewelry makers, metalsmiths and wood workers. Artists Nisha and Dan Ferguson,i.e. "DaNisha" are the featured artists for this event. Musical performances include 2tone, Definitely … [Read more...]

Art for the Sake of Conversation or Controversy?

In its broadest sense, conventional wisdom considers art as taking an idea out of the air and creating something that didn’t exist before. Susan Crane, an art student at the University of Maine in Farmington put American flags on the floor of a museum as a way to “make a statement.” She said she did it to “spark conversation and thought … [Read more...]

How Much Do Novelists Make? (Part 3 of 3)

(Novelist Norman Mailer during his salad days. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.) Have you heard about the Justine Larbalestier Survey? Justine Larbalestier, a novelist from Down Under, conducted his own informal survey and asked his 18 "fellow Aussies, folks from the UK, Canada and the US" how much they got for their first novel. Seven of those who … [Read more...]