My Grandfather’s Radio Show Now Online

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope you are well and taking this time to cherish your loved ones. Whether they be family, coworkers, or lifelong friends, give thanks to God for the people He has blessed you with. If you find some time this holiday weekend and would like to listen to something out-of-the-ordinary, my grandfather's radio messages are now online. … [Read more...]

Walking on Water

Now this story that I am about to tell is 100% true, no lie here. I grew up in fairly conservative religious home so faith had always been a part of my life. One summer when I was 14 or 15 my sister and I went to Guatemala to visit our grandparents and other family that we have down there. My grandmother’s home is very large and in her back yard there is a … [Read more...]

Defend Your Faith

One day while I was trolling through the bowels of the Internet I came upon a Website that said that Christianity is a delusion. It also said rather boldly, I might add, that their 15 minute video would completely shatter my delusional beliefs. Being intrigued by the prospect that my whole world view could be shattered in 15 minutes, I accepted the … [Read more...]

OOBE: Did It Ever Happen To You?

It was probably like 4 a.m. You could hear a pin drop in our dark bedroom. Those were the years when I used to meditate a lot, including early morning meditations at 3 a.m. in our living room. After half an hour of repeating my mantra in the dark while sitting in a half-lotus position, my legs would start to go numb and hurt a little. When the pain started … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Politics and Religion: Exploring Senseless Taboos

It makes me sad that people can not have a reasonable debate about the two most important issues, politics and religion. I do not care what your views are, if you agree with me or not, what I like to see is someone who articulate and describe what they believe and why. Overall I would say I am a conservative Republican, however, to blindly follow one party is … [Read more...]