Boundaries and Identity in the Age of Globalization

Boundaries are a must to preserve identity. Individuals need a boundary. And so do nations, football fans, and lovers. There are 2 ways in which a boundary can be violated: 1) Non-members cross over the boundary and enter the "home domain." 2) The coordinates of the boundary are changed. Or a mixture of both. Before American Civil War, slave trade kept … [Read more...]

Defending Western Civilization Against “Equality Before the Law” Fetishism

“Democracy is not a suicide pact.” – Amitai Etzioni I’m sick and tired of those bleeding-heart liberals who defend the most abominable cultural institutions in the name of their “respect” for the “equality before the law.” That covers the presumed equality of all cultures, all social, ethnic and religious practices. Their definition of democracy is … [Read more...]

Should Timothy Geitner be Treasury Secretary?

Some will question if failing to pay taxes in the past should disqualify Mr. Geitner from the post of Treasury secretary. The critics will say with the IRS reporting to the Treasury secretary it would be like the fox guarding the hen house. Others have suggested if he could not figure how to do his taxes how could he do a good job as Treasury secretary? … [Read more...]

The Media’s Political Double Standard

I can plainly remember Clinton’s first inauguration. Part of the reason might be because my boss at the time was a huge supporter of his and wanted to rush home at lunch time so she could watch it. She invited me along and we sat in her living room eating BBQ beef sandwiches on TV trays while we watched Bill Clinton take the oath. Afterward, I remember admiring … [Read more...]

Change Has Come to the White House

Someone on the White House marketing staff is very proud of himself/herself right now, and they should be. President Elect Obama's website was transferred over to during Obama's inaugural address. So in truth, Change HAS come to the White House. Probably via ftp. President Obama's staff is already busy blogging. Visit the White … [Read more...]