It’s Possible to BE Green Without Looking Green

I get totally depressed when I go shopping and I’ve come to realize lately that I don’t think that’s the desired effect. (Shopping is supposed to make me feel good, right?) Every time I find something I totally adore and just HAVE to have, I check the label and it’s either made from some animal product, something toxic or in a sweatshop in China. So, I’ve … [Read more...]

Beware of Mineral Makeup Marketing Myths

Being a girl, the fact that I thoroughly enjoy wearing makeup should not come as a shock. Yes, on the surface it’s a frivolous thing to do, and I’m sure there’s many deep-seated reasons for wearing makeup and feeling the need to “put on my face”. But I do have a conscience, and I try my utmost to use makeup that’s as ethical and cruelty-free as possible. … [Read more...]

Is Bamboo the New Cotton?

The first few times I came across bamboo sheets, the thought of panda snacks rubbing against my skin didn’t seem especially velvety. I was interested, though, and took the bait. Upon first touch I was shocked… bamboo fibers are surprisingly soft. In fact, the bamboo sheets I felt in Oak Cliff’s Bishop Street Market were silkier than standard cotton sheets. … [Read more...]

Fur Fashion Dilemmas: Sustainable Product or Animal Cruelty?

Over the past twenty years, the wearing of fur has provoked some hot debate, with PETA often leading the assault against fur farmers and fur wearers alike. SO it’s no surprise to learn that PETA recently launched an attack on none other than Ms. Elizabeth Hurley, British actress and the new face of American fur house Blackglama. The photographs of Hurley, many … [Read more...]

To Give or Not to Give Lingerie for Christmas

As Christmas Day approaches, some of you guys out there looking for the perfect gift for your woman. Most guys like to see their partner in some form of lingerie, but certain women just won't take the time to shop for it. So what's the rule about shopping for lingerie, panties, and sexy evening wear for as a Christmas gift? Answer? It all depends on the … [Read more...]