The Military and the Meaning of Science

The other day, I read an article in the New York Times regarding the American military's turn to renewable energy: I was wondering whether to think that this is forward-looking or whether it's the military getting up to speed with reality.  Renewable energy advocates have been pushing … [Read more...]

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

Thanks to StumbleUpon, the most enjoyable social media/bookmarking site thus far (and the official choice of ADHD users everywhere), I was introduced to last month. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED began in 1984, bringing together the best and brightest from those three industries and thought groups. Since the '80s, TED has … [Read more...]

Sunita Williams Runs Boston Marathon in Space

The Independent reports that Sunita Williams, the woman who will soon hold the record for NASA astronaut for the longest time spent in space, is slated to run the Boston Marathon next week as she orbits the planet Earth. She qualified by running in last year's Houston Marathon, and she will attempt to make the 26K mile run tethered to a treadmill. You know … [Read more...]

The Perfectly Sized Couple

According to a recent article in The Independent, the ideal female body shape can be best represented by Naomi Campbell. Some researchers from Poland studied the body types of beauty contestants and compared them with other women to discern what body part sizes are considered most attractive. They looked at bust to height, thigh to height, and waist to hip ratios … [Read more...]

German Scientists Scan Brains to Predict Decision Making

If you thought that the uses of technology couldn't get any creepier, you would be wrong. With a "donut shaped" MRI machine, German scientists are scanning people's brains during the process of decision making. The subjects are given a choice between two options: to add or subtract, or to push this button or that. The MRI shows the scientists what is going on in … [Read more...]