Thursday December 18th 2014

Chris Smith Speaks on SEO for Bloggers

Christ Smith has just taken the stage. We will begin coverage immediately. Please refresh this page to see more coverage as it unfolds. 

Chris Smith specializes in local optimization. He contributes to and

Optimizing Your Blog

Beef up your internal hierarchical linking structure

  •   tag clouds and tag pages (ultimate tagwarrior plugin)
  •  related posts (contextual related posts plugin) 
  •  top 10 posts 
  •  next & previous posts

Build inbound links

  • add technorati tags to your posts (claim your blog first)
  • get onto bloggers' blogrolls
  • trackbacks and comments won't help with link gain in most cases

Compelling Illustrations make articles interesting. If you post photos to Flickr and link to your blog as a source of the photo, you can get some traffic and rankings from it. Photos need to be visually engaging.

Hop on a PR Feeding Frenzy

  • hop on it early
  • say something significant (don't just rehash the same info)
  • link over to other top blog posts (Google blog search)
  • watch top stories mentioned by Techmeme and comment on them

Note: I know people who have done this and made money strictly from this.

Research Jeff Crilley for tips on gaining publicity. 

Link to your blog from LinkedIn.

Title Tags

  • put your blog name at the end of the title tag, not the beginning
  • tag name should go in the title on a tag page
  • customize with additional keywords for display only on your home page
  • override title tags with a custom one (SEO Title Tag plugin) (note: his company, NetConcepts, created this plugin)


  •  Rewrite to contain keywords, using hyphens not underscores
  • 301 redirect from to (canonicalization)
  • maintain legacy URLs even after switching blog platforms

Keyword rich domain names and blog titles are helpful.

Anchor Text

  • make the post's title a link to the permalink page
  • internally link back to old, relevant posts within the body of a blog post. use keywords for your anchor text

Header Tags (h1, h2)

  •  category names on category pages
  • yes for post titles, no for post dates

Sticky Posts

  • always appear at the top of the page
  • adhesive plugin

Add author profile page and author links for group blogs

Add nofollows to trackbacks and comments where you don't vouch for a site.

Ping search engines with each new blog post –, etc

Optimizing Feeds

  • use full text, not summaries
  • 20 or more items (not just 10)
  • multiple feeds
  • keyword rich item
  • brand name in the item
  • compelling site description

End of session. I need caffeine.

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    blogs have techniques for search engine optimization (SEO), many of them the same as for traditional static websites …

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    Chris later founded and chaired of the Idearc SEO Council, pulling together … Chris frequently speaks at search marketing conferences and contributes to Search Engine Land's Locals Only column. ….

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