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Kidd Kraddick, Big Al Mack, and JC lost Round 4 of Battle of the Sexes to Shannon, Kelli, and Taylor in a surprising last second judge’s decision. The Battle of the Sexes is now tied. The presiding judge is a director of Prison Break, the television show filming here in Las Colinas and elsewhere around the DFW metroplex. He obviously chose the women’s movie trailer over the men’s because he didn’t want to be the reason the women lost the entire competition. It was a total PC move.

Charley Rosen recently posted an article on MSN about the future of each NBA playoff teams (thanks for pointing it out, Aaron). Rosen apparently thinks Chauncey Billups hung the moon. Apparently, every team in need of a point guard should get Chauncey Billups (not sure how that would work). According to Rosen, the Mavs are screwed. We can’t unload Eric Dampier (though we desperately need to), we need to trade Jason Terry, and we don’t know if we can trust Devin Harris yet. So Rosen’s solution is to get Chauncey Billups and suddenly Dallas will be transformed. Hmm….

A house powered by spinach electricity? See it for yourself at Inhabitat.

Thanks to StumbleUpon, I found an excellent blog post from last month entitled: College Graduation: Ten Things I Wish I Had Known. As you make the transition from college to Real World, these tips will help you make wise decisions from the beginning (hindsight truly is 20/20).

According to readers of Lee Odden’s blog, America’s favorite cities for conferences, in order of preference, are Las Vegas (shocker), New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago. Blah, blah, blah. It’s all about DFW. Don’t believe the hype.

Dallas native Brian Clark of fame will be a guest on’s online radio show today at 5pm CST. The topic will be “Tips for More Effective Blogging.” Don’t miss it. FYI, archived shows are probably available.

Read Ryan Caldwell’s 7 Quick Observations About Linkage. Tell me what you think about his linking tips.

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