Daniel Dessinger Provides a CultureFeast Traffic Update

For those of you looking at CultureFeast, wondering, How much traffic does this site really get? What kind of ROI can I expect from advertising on this blog?

Whether you’re interested in advertising or not, here’s the skinny:

Traffic is way up. The site saw 3,766 visitors and 5,505 page views in the past 18 days (April 13th to April 30th). May 1st saw 245 visitors in one day. That’s small beans to megastars like Copyblogger and Problogger, but it’s good news for us.

Posting has been slow lately, due to busy schedules. I’m even more amazed at our traffic since we’re currently getting more new content daily from Papaya Clothing Company fans’ comments than actual blog posts.

I have a list of topics to cover in the near future, so keep checkin’ in and drop us a note whenever you can.

Oh, and I want to recognize Sarah Kuglin. She’s been a friend for ten years, and she’s one of the first to create a MyBlogLog account. The rest of you need to get off your duffs and setup your profiles. Since most of my friends are technology illiterate, one of my next posts may be a list of communities and websites everyone should join…. Yeah… that’s a good idea.

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  1. Sarah says

    you are so funny daniel!
    ya know…
    Its been 10 years now since we were in costa rica, just finishing up our year or SOD. I can remember our talks out in the foyer of the hotel we stayed in, in where was it? San Jose Costa Rica.. or whatever. I remember making fun of how you pronounce your last name, whether its like, “space ranger” or more like grrr… :)
    I remember the prophetic words spoken over you at your presbytry. I am still praying for you. I wanna see those words come into fruition!
    i still think of you as my brother.
    Love ya Daniel.

    Oh. and I only set up an account, so i could comment on your page :)

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