Levi Johnston Not Mature Enough to Marry Bristol Palin

levi-and-bristolSomething tells me Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s loss of the Vice Presidency may have also lost Bristol Palin a husband. Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, and her fiancé, Levi Johnston, recently called off their engagement.

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Levi said he isn’t mature enough for marriage at this point. Mature enough to father a child? Sure! Marriage? Heck no!

Bristol, 18, gave birth to the couple’s son, Tripp Easton Mitchell, on December 18, but during a fight two weeks ago, the couple called it quits. Levi, who is only 19, said the fight “turned into” a permanent separation for the pair. After all, that’s what teenagers do. They have a fight and break up.

I agree with Levi when he says he’s not mature enough for marriage. At 19, not many people are. I tried it myself at 19, and it lasted a miserable four years. But in my case, there weren’t any children involved (thank goodness, for both my sake and the sake of my fictional children). What I can’t seem to get around in the story, though, is that maturity is what Levi chose to callout when citing the reason for the breakup. Was the issue of maturity ever cited when he and Bristol decided to have and raise their baby?

I was never, and I mean, NEVER a fan of Sarah Palin. I don’t want to make this story about my political persuasion, but I can’t help but think Palin’s daughter never had a choice in the matter when it came to having and raising her child. I’m sure of it, in fact. After all, Sarah Palin said on a number of occasions that even if her daughter became pregnant through a rape, abortion still wouldn’t be an option. Ok, so abortion’s off the table… what about the millions of MATURE couples on waiting lists for adoptions?

When Good Morning America asked him about his new life as a parent, Levi said, “Yeah, [I’m] growing up a lot. So, it’s fun. It’s good times.” Not the words of a mature man.

I can’t help but feel bad for Bristol. If Mom were the country’s new VP, what are the odds that Levi would somehow find the maturity to marry her and be a part of the royal family?

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    Levi is so clueless… He knocks Bristol up and then wonders why the Palins hate him so much? What an idiot… her parents were simply watching out for their daughter and trying to AVOID exactly what happened. Now he uses their animosity to his advantage to make himself look like the victim. Bristol and Tripp are, NOT Levi! If he were a REAL MAN and really CARED, he would not let anything in the way of him fulfilling his responsibilities as a father and husband. But apparently, he’s only man enough to become a father, and not a HUSBAND. So that only makes him HALF a MAN. How sad, but so convenient!

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    I know it’s been a while since my last comment, but this is still in the media and I have another worthwhile point to make for all the jackasses out there like Levi…

    He says he’s not mature enough for marriage, so he’s backing out of the engagement. What about Bristol??? She didn’t exactly have the luxury of giving the same excuse as Levi when it came to her becoming a mother… “I wasn’t mature enough to be a mother, so I had an abortion!”

    If you ask me, Bristol has way more balls than Levi ever will. I hope he has stopped calling himself a “man.” He is not worthy of that title, or the more noble one of “father.” And, husband? Don’t even get me started!

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