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Daniel Dessinger

Daniel DessingerCultureFeast was created in November of 2005 by Daniel Dessinger (a.k.a. “danielthepoet) of Dallas, Texas. The original purpose of the website was to provide readers with an intelligent source of cultural, philosophical, and spiritual writings.

The originator of CultureFeast has since created Reputation Advisor, one of the premier online reputation management blogs on the Web. After its first year and a half of existence and experimentation, CultureFeast now has the opportunity to return to its original purpose. We will be returning our focus to the topics that originally motivate us to blog: the human condition, culture, philosophy, spirituality, and yes, everything we deem important about Dallas / Fort Worth.

After Culturefeast and ReputationAdvisor, Daniel branched out into local professional sports and created Daniel also contributes occasionally to a few other sites out in the blogosphere.

CultureFeast harnesses the talent of local professional and aspiring writers in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Each blogger contributes one post per week on topics that interest us, and thus that interest you. We’re always open to considering new talent. Guest bloggers are welcome.

Please contact Daniel if you are interested in contributing your voice to the team. While not every post will be deep and profound, we hope you’ll find something to keep you coming back. Join us in “the great conversation, one which has been joined by the greatest minds of the past three thousand years. Every person has something to contribute. We covet your comments.


On a business model analysis
“I read this report like it was a juicy novel. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it – weird I know.”
- news aggregator client

On a client’s white paper
“Thanks. Daniel’s eyes and edits are appreciated. We don’t want to look like a fool when we push it out. It’s our first time doing this.”
- usability testing client

On new website copy
“Damn! You should do this for a living. This is really good stuff!”
- social news client

On article writing
“Daniel’s rep precedes him. Admittedly, I’m a “lurker” on the mystery seo
blog (and others) but still a big fan of Daniel’s work.”
- editor of online search engine optimization website

On blogging
“Spent the early morning catching up on my culturefeast. Your site has reached the status of “must-visit” for me now. Invariably, after reading one of your interesting blogs (Tony Romo/will I. Am/Mel Gibson), I say to myself…
“I wish I had a job for this guy….”
“I wish I could afford this guy”
You’re truly good at what you do and I wanted to stop down and give you some props.
- national radio show host

Latest Topics

A Cinematic Feast: “Welcome to the Rileys” (2010)

A Cinematic Feast: “Welcome to the Rileys” (2010)

Here is a tiny little film that barely earned $320,000 in total box-office receipts world-wide and screened only in 11 [Read More]

The American (2010) – A Cold Story Served Well Like Chilled Caviar

The American (2010) – A Cold Story Served Well Like Chilled Caviar

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Growing Up with Harold Bloom

Growing Up with Harold Bloom

Going through my library this weekend, I came across an old copy of Harold Bloom’s classic, The Western Canon. [Read More]

Critics in Love

Critics in Love

This blog isn’t wont to dole out dating advice.  Thinking upon my own predicament trying to find romance, [Read More]

The Military and the Meaning of Science

The Military and the Meaning of Science

The other day, I read an article in the New York Times regarding the American military’s turn to renewable [Read More]

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