Gary Karbon

Gary Karbon

Copy writer, good man, and a screenplay perpetrator.

Incurable fan of thrillers and film noir, trips taken on a moment’s notice, and tight solid fiction.

I believe the values of the Western Civilization must be defended against a lot of things.  I think John Adams would concur with that.

Have you ever run a 10K? I did. Twice. It put some fear and humility in my heart.

Ultimately, it all comes to love. But until then, munching pizzas and telling stories over a cold one would do.

Have a soft spot in my heart for Texas, acts of generosity, Edward Hooper, Aaron Copland, Art Deco buildings, and old friends.

I’d love to write the next Chinatown, live in Paris a few months a year, and lose some weight. In that order.

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