Jennifer Hammitt

To say I’m a random writer may be an understatement. I have written a wide range of blogs for Culturefeast. I had always thought of myself as media blogger, but my writing has expanded to include much more. I love observing human nature and behaviors, and many of my blogs reflect this. Not even I know where my mind will go from week to week.

Basically, I have been writing since I was eight. My first book “Glasses for Shelly” may have only been printed twice, but it was the beginning of new obsession. Over twenty years later, I still feel the same amount of joy as I write and as I enjoy a finished product.

I write articles, editorials and blogs for various sites on travel, education, pet care, technology, and abusive relationships. I have published a novel and a novella (you can find them both on Amazon), and I am always working on new fiction pieces.