Lisa Pawlowski

I seem to write about a little bit of everything for Culture Feast. Parenting, environment, culture, media. Media interests me in particular because I have a background in it and used to work at a small market television station. Then again, who hasn’t worked for a small-market TV station? However, a few years after I earned my bachelors in communications from Indiana State University, I realized writing was my true passion and I let myself succumb to it.

I’ve always been blessed/cursed with this compulsion to write ever since I was young. As a kid, Mad and Cracked magazines were my muses and I used to write and illustrate comics that took potshots at pop-culture TV. (Gee, considering I write for Culture Feast, I guess I really haven’t come that far after all.)

Professionally, I’ve ghostwritten four non-fiction books for a publisher that specializes in motivational books, and I’ve written three fiction books for myself. I still write fiction, my true love, and am working on doing more freelance magazine writing.

I moved to Texas five and a half years ago from the mid-west so I definitely have an outsider’s perspective on all things Texan. We moved here for my husband’s job which supports us and my writing habit. We also have a wonderful daughter and son.