Michael Callaway

Michael CallawayMy name is Michael Callaway and I live in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area, I am married and have no children yet.  I work for a financial institution and have written a Christian fiction story called “Rise of Lucifer”.  The story is about what lead to Lucifer’s fall from grace.  The first book, “Rise of Lucifer:  Legion” takes place before Lucifer has been created and creates a back drop for how it could have happened.
I say could have happened because no one knows for sure how it did happen or if there really was a war in heaven at all.  We do know that there is evil in the world and all of us can be tempted by that evil, this is the most important thing.  If you would like to know more visit www.lulu.com/riseoflucifer

In addition to writing my book I love to follow politics, and not just the politics of today, I love history and love the politics of old.  I should tell you that I am a Christian and that I am a Republican, however, I will try to write all my bloggs in such a way that if you are neither that you could still enjoy them and have food for thought. 

Also, many of the views that I have go against the views of the Republican Party and are at odds with many in the Christian Right.  While I never want to offend someone, there are some people out there that are just very easy to offend.  I am not one of them and sometimes my style shows that.  Know that if you disagree with me this week, come back next week and I am sure that my views on the next topic will be different. 

While I am not a John Kerry flipping and flopping on issues, my opinions are rather complex and I have the unfortunate ability to be a great advocate for the Devil.  I think the 2008 race is going to give us a lot of opportunity for some great discussion and I look forwarding to posting some for you.