Reasons Why I Support John McCain

John McCainI want to start this off by saying why I am for John McCain, while I would love all of you to vote for Mr. McCain the purpose of this blog is not to convert you.  While I disagree with Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama I am not going to say that they would be bad for America or that they somehow have a hidden secret evil agenda as some are prone to do.  The fact is we really have no idea what is going to happen and what type of leader we are going to need.  I remember in 1992 thinking that the US economy was going to crash and burn because of Clinton’s Family Medial Leave Act and because of the higher taxes.
Now, reasonable people can debate if FMLA or higher taxes are a good thing or not; however, you have to admit that the economy did very well during that time.  As Mr. Alan Greenspan said, “Bill Clinton was the best Republican President that he worked with.”  While that statement makes both Republicans and Democrats mad there is a ring of truth to it.  On economic issues Bill Clinton was more Republican then people give him credit for, he balanced the budget, passed NAFTA and reformed welfare.
I know that we need to do something different with Iraq, with health care and with our energy policy.  While I believe the McCain approach is better, no one can say what will happen until it does, so to rant and rave that any candidate will destroy America is just not true.  America is bigger then the Presidency and bigger then any political party, all three candidates have their strengths and all three will do what they believe to be in the best interest of the country.
There are three main reasons why I support John McCain, the first is his character and life experience, the second and third reasons are because some of his views make Conservatives mad while others anger Liberals.  When it comes to life experience, John McCain has more then any candidate remaining.  No one can truly appreciate all the freedoms that we have in America until they have been taken away, no one can say what adversity they can overcome until they face it.  John McCain has been through more and faced more then anyone ever should, these will make him an excellent commander in chief.
Character is a virtue, but the main reason to vote for President is the issues.  On the issues I believe John McCain is exactly right.  One of the reasons I know that McCain is right is because his views tend to make both sides mad.  Conservatives were mad when he opposed the Bush tax cut in 2001 saying that it was too large, on the need to be more environmentally friendly, and on his support of the visa program for illegal immigrants.  Liberals fume over his support for the surge, that he is for smaller government and pro-life.
When I put all three of these qualities together, I come to the conclusion that John McCain is simply the best choice for President.

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    I made a promise to myself–as a writer–to keep ALL political and religious (or any other controversial topics) out of my writing. I would hate, in this Bill O’Reilly no spin-zone generation where modern court jesters–or actors if you will–can turn political, and have someone judge ME as a person and therefore NOT give my (fiction) writing a chance. But I felt I should comment on this article because you deserve it…it takes guts to tackle the topic of politics in this country, where everyone’s opinion will make or break their careers…

    I am a third generation Mexican-American, third generation military veteran (and of which I am a second generation US Marine) and I feel it is the duty of every American citizen to vote–because in the end, its a right you can exercise and (whether you believe it or not) to help make a difference. We learned as a country in the race between Bush and Gore that every vote does somehow count–whether for good or bad. This years presidential race is going to be tough. We have a woman running for president, which will cause many voters to evaluate themselves and their private beliefs before casting a vote. And if that didn’t make it tough, we have an African-American running for office. Lastly we have a veteran who many believe may be too old to run this country. If it isn’t going to be tough enough already, trying to find the right person to help this country with issues of oil & gas, the economy and the war in Iraq–imagine what each voter will be saying to themselves as they evaluate the candidates as people–of age, race, gender and religious background–before we even get to the topics of what’s truly important–running this country for the good of all American citizens.

    More power to you…

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