Rosey: “Luckiest Girl” CD Now Available

Rosey: Luckiest GirlWhat do get when you melt Fiona Apple and Norah Jones into one person? You get the ultra smooth, bluesy jazz stylings of Rosey and her new album, Luckiest Girl. That is the best description I can offer.

Her previous album was more acoustic/rock than jazz/blues. Tracks from her debut album made it to the silver screen in Bridget Jones' Diary and Shallow Hal. Her first tour was a supporting act for Melissa Etheridge and Meredith Brooks. Ever since that initial success, Rosey's creative path has led her back home to a rich heritage of passionate jazz.

Luckiest Girl is a return to those roots. Six years after her debut, Luckiest Girl sounds like an honest expression of a woman returning to her passion. It's been a lifelong love affair with music. Both of Rosey's parents were singers, and both grandparents were musicians. Listening to her sophomore album, you can hear the heart of timeless jazz classics in every song. 

I'm listening to her album for the ninth time, and it's great music. Perfect for a jazz club where posh urbanites sip martinis in trench coats and top hats, it's also the idyllic mood setter for a lazy Saturday afternoon at Starbucks while you type your next blog post or read a chapter from your favorite novel.

My favorite tracks are "Love" and "Be Somebody Blues", although every song is worth a listen. In fact, I enjoy the album most as an album. The entire album is one fluid piece of jazz/blues. Just hit play and let it play through. Rosey's voice has a soft, airy, hometown girl sound that delivers every song with a clarity and a sense of both wistful hope and somber heartache. 

Give it a listen. You owe it to your laptop and latte to experience the complete creative experience. 

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