The Power of Advertising

Until very recently, I never had television. I didn't get any reception whatsoever, and I always had a boyfriend or something else to keep me busy and out of the house so that I never really watched anything that wasn't on a TV or a computer. Fortunately, I have a job that keeps me rather well informed of current events and things, and I also used to have this … [Read more...]

The iPhone: My Vacation Savior

As some of you may know from my previous post, I just recently got back from 7 days of paradise in Destin, Florida. It’s true what you’ve heard and read: the sands are sugar and the waters are warm and painted with emeralds. It truly is a fantastic place to vacation and to bring all 15 of your family members, including little babies and nieces, isn’t vacation … [Read more...]

To 3G or Not to 3G

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know by now that the new 3G iPhone has been released from its proverbial locked case. I drove by Knox-Henderson’s Apple Store in Dallas Friday morning and gasped at the 4 block line that was created at 8:00am. What you may not know is that the activation process for the 3G was downright hellish in most big cities … [Read more...]

Copywriting for a 3G iPhone

I have a friend who is building some websites. He needs some articles on a particular subject. I need a 3G iPhone. So we worked out a deal. I'll create a certain number of linkbait-ish article titles in exchange for a 3G iPhone. Sweet deal.  In truth, he could just pay me money and I could go buy an iPhone. But that's not as exciting. When you're … [Read more...]

Blackberry Bold versus iPhone 2.0

Written prior to Steve Jobs' speech at WWDC yesterday.  As you know with my earlier iPhone post, I'm very excited about the upcoming announcement regarding the new iPhone.  However, I would be ignorant to think that iPhone's next-generation 3G phone is going to be the only one on the market.  Blackberry Bold has consistently kept … [Read more...]