Why Writing Your Story Is So Important

I've already explained my reason for writing, journaling, and blogging my story. But something was missing. I didn't hit the mark. I talked about some things I hope to accomplish. But I think there is a greater mission. At the core, I think we ALL should write at least part of our stories and pass them down to future generations. If you like following chains … [Read more...]

Freelance Writing Struggles

Sometimes it feels like finding freelance writing gigs is a full time job on its own. I have these grand dreams of having enough gigs to make this writing my full time occupation. I know it will be a long road. I know I will have to keep applying and making a name for myself. I know I can’t give up or “take a break” or it will just take longer. There are weeks … [Read more...]

Creativity vs Revenue

Writing fiction has been my life time goal. For a while that is all I worked on. Every night I would come home and spend hours working on my latest fiction pieces. That was my focus. That was all that mattered to me for the longest time. Then I started writing articles, and I had some success. It was nice to have the extra money coming in. After the novel and … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Blog Much Anymore

While random people arriving here after a Google search don't know me from Adam, I have a few friends and family members who note that they stopped reading CultureFeast.com because I no longer contribute on any regular basis. They don't really care if what I write is relevant, so long as I write. As sweet as that is, I still don't want to write. It's not that … [Read more...]