Avoiding the Big-Box Shopping this Christmas

As someone who loves shopping and going to the mall, you would never take me as the person to say that I would much rather do my Christmas shopping in small-town Ontario. Every year for Christmas, my best friend and I make the trek to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario to do the bulk of our Christmas shopping. What is so special about NOTL is that it is a very small … [Read more...]

My Christmas Revelation: An Honest Look at Those Less Fortunate

If years of watching awful Christmas TV specials has taught me anything, it’s be thankful for what you have. Be thankful for your life and friends. Strive to be a better person so some angel can get her wings. These hackneyed messages are so cliché this time of year that they are easy to ignore. But recently, I was figuratively hit smack dab in the head with what … [Read more...]

Get Creative! Give a Homemade Christmas Gift this Holiday Season

It’s everywhere – the global credit crunch that is teetering on the edge of a full-blown recession. Usually the first victim of the tightening of purse strings is the retail sector, who annually tries to whip us up into a big spending frenzy. We’re urged to indulge, to be extravagant and to spend, spend, spend. So it's not surprising that sometimes it feels as … [Read more...]

To Give or Not to Give Lingerie for Christmas

As Christmas Day approaches, some of you guys out there looking for the perfect gift for your woman. Most guys like to see their partner in some form of lingerie, but certain women just won't take the time to shop for it. So what's the rule about shopping for lingerie, panties, and sexy evening wear for as a Christmas gift? Answer? It all depends on the … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Holiday Road Warriors

The Holiday Road Trip As I packed up my birds’ food and treats last night, I began to dread the three (at least) hour drive are making today. I know choosing to move away makes holiday travel a necessary evil, but I’m still not a fan. Every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas there seems to be a lot of attention on focused on how to survive air travel. Yes I … [Read more...]