Comic Book Fans Unite! The Watchmen Movie Coming Soon!

I knew what I was getting into before I married my husband. The piled up boxes of comic books in his room in college were my first clue. Right now there are about nine cardboard comic book crates in a closet in our house. And the thing that has him down right giddy is the fact that “the best comic book of all time” is finally being turned into a movie. On … [Read more...]

New Batman Villains Hit the Wire: Open Thread

The rumors are circulating about the next Batman movie. Who will be the villain? Which actor/actress will play the role? These are just speculations and rumors at this point. No new Batman villains have been officially announced. Here is the original story from Both of these rumored actors are excellent picks. I actually suggested Johnny Depp in … [Read more...]

Comic Book Movie Cameos I Want to See

Seeing how I am a self-professed comic geek, I am generally my friends’ go-to source for any and everything comic book related. Currently, the most often asked question that I am getting is: “Why did they make another Incredible Hulk movie? Didn’t they just make one a couple of years ago?” To answer that question, Marvel (comics) is taking … [Read more...]

“Brand New Day” Gives Me a Brand New Fuzzy Feeling

Spider-man has been the Marvel cash cow for some time now. With three mega-successful movies, various animated TV shows, countless licensed products, oh and multiple comic book titles, it’s hard not to have immediate recognition of the Spider-man brand. Spidey is iconic, transcending, and loved for being the ultimate confliction of responsibility versus … [Read more...]

Final Issue of Y: The Last Man

January 30, 2008 ended an era. Much like the last day of Ron Kirk’s (Dallas’ former mayor) time in office, or the last game of Michael Irvin’s hall of fame career…..yesterday ended an era. What happened you ask? The 60th and final issue of Vertigo comics’ Y: The Last Man hit comic book stores and bookstands. … [Read more...]