How Twitter Has Helped My Writing

Twitter has improved my writing…no really it has. It has made me work harder and be more focused on my business. I know Twitter doesn’t seem like an obvious writing aide, but it has helped make a difference in my writing. Of course, I joined Twitter to network and to direct more traffic towards my work. I’m not a huge blogger, and the words “social media … [Read more...]

Creativity vs Revenue

Writing fiction has been my life time goal. For a while that is all I worked on. Every night I would come home and spend hours working on my latest fiction pieces. That was my focus. That was all that mattered to me for the longest time. Then I started writing articles, and I had some success. It was nice to have the extra money coming in. After the novel and … [Read more...]

Be Kind. Subscribe.

At the end of August, Sean “Diddy” Combs posted the following rant on "As you know, I do have my own jet, but I've been having to fly back and forth to L.A. pursuing my acting career. Now, if I'm flying back and forth twice a month, that's like $200,000, $250,000 round trip. F--- that. I'm back on American Airlines." He then crossed the line into … [Read more...]

Copywriting for a 3G iPhone

I have a friend who is building some websites. He needs some articles on a particular subject. I need a 3G iPhone. So we worked out a deal. I'll create a certain number of linkbait-ish article titles in exchange for a 3G iPhone. Sweet deal.  In truth, he could just pay me money and I could go buy an iPhone. But that's not as exciting. When you're … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Become a Copywriter

Karen, a virtual friend of mine whom I met on MySpace, asked me a while back for some suggestions on how to become a copywriter. I've put it off because to answer that question means to actually take more than the usual 5-10 minutes I spend writing each post. I'm not lazy, just busy. In addition to a very busy schedule at my search marketing agency, I also have a … [Read more...]