My 4 Favorite Columnists in American Media

(Photo: Peggy Noonan) Here are some my favorite American journalists who rarely fail to amaze me with their wit and erudition, powerful prose, and clarity of thought. Peggy Noonan She writes for the Wall Street Journal. Her Friday columns is a must reading for me. She used to be Ronald Reagan’s speechwriter. A devout Catholic and a committed Republican that … [Read more...]

What Changes Your Personal Preferences?

This has been on my mind for some time now. It is said that as you age, your taste buds change. As they change, we start to enjoy other foods and dislike ones that previously we had loved. There have been scientific studies conducted that support this and we, as a society, have accepted this. In addition to the change in my taste buds, other things have changed. … [Read more...]

Brando, Bunuel, and the Meaning of a “Character”

Marlon Brando upset a lot of people with his specific interpretation of the Nazi officer Lt. Christian Diestl in Edward Dmytryk's The Young Lions (1958). The politically incorrect Brando tried to infuse the Dieslt character with a heroic sub-text. He even suggested that at the end of the movie he should come down from the mountain where he was hiding with … [Read more...]

Two Cultures, Revisited

One of the most influential books of the late '50s and '60s was a book called The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution by British scientist and novelist C. P. Snow. It basically lamented the lack of communication between the "two cultures" – Science and Humanities. I see the same split continuing today. On the one hand we have the … [Read more...]

CSI: Culture’s Sadistic Infection

Call it what you will, tv show creators are constantly stretching the boundaries of what society will accept and even enjoy. Some of you are thinking that this is going to be a moral rant, which it is, but it's more than that. It's an evaluation of pop culture's obvious decline. Producers have at least some idea of what the people want. They know that shows … [Read more...]