Why Don’t You Update Culture Feast More Often?

I hear this one from time to time. I know, I know: it seems like CultureFeast.com goes through periods of hibernation, then bursts on the scene with a flurry of new content, then disappears again. The short and simple answer is that I've grown tired of pop culture. It's always the same flashing lights. I'm pursuing more substance, which leads me to write more … [Read more...]

CultureFeast Comments Now Easier to Track

If you've tried reading through the comments on Papaya Clothing, Caylee Anthony, or Facebook Breastfeeding Photos, you've probably given up along the way. Once an article's comments get into the 20s and beyond, it's frustrating to follow who's responding to what. Thank God for WordPress. I recently came across a plugin that allows us to thread the comments of … [Read more...]

Top 12 CF Articles of 2008

On behalf of the CultureFeast writers, Happy New Year! May this be one you never forget, as you leap frog into greater depths of personal growth and wholeness. I won't speak for you, but 2008 was an interesting year for us. We started off the year with a bang, pumping out two, sometimes three posts per day. Many new writers joined our little experiment last … [Read more...]

CultureFeast Gift Shop Opens Online!

Yes, for those of you who have spent sleepless nights waiting for the moment when Culture Feast paraphernalia would FINALLY come available, be of good cheer! Your day has come! You can now purchase all kinds of worthless/awesome stuff online from Cafe Press. Everything from coffee mugs and t-shirts to clocks and journals. We know you're brilliant. We just … [Read more...]