Why Valentines Day is Super Lame

I've never been a big fan of Valentine's Day. I mean, I get the whole "used to be a pagan holiday" thing. Basically it was a tribute to one of their Pagan gods. The names of women would be put into a basket and they would be drawn by a teenage boy. It was sort of a dating/hook up lottery. Well obviously this did not go over well in the Christian church. The … [Read more...]

Online Dating Versus Twitter

We've all been there - that really lonely stage in life. You just broke up with your significant other, and now what? It's too early to start serious dating again, but not too soon to mingle. Okay, I admit it: I found myself lost amid the myriad faces of online dating, but often times I stopped myself from doing anything else but looking. There were countless … [Read more...]

The Pick Up Line Faces the MOOB DM

If one needs proof that humanity is lost, the pick up line is exhibit A. Guys are in bars, guys want to meet women, the pick up line is the way to break the ice. I have often pondered why women do not try the pick up line themselves? It would be so much more affective in your hands. I think I would be rather flattered if some strange girl came up and tried … [Read more...]

I’ll Have Time for that Later

Where did all the time go? I’m a single woman in my (gulp) late twenties. I do not have a boyfriend or children. I do not travel much. Really, the only sort of quirky thing about my life is that I have birds…instead of cats. It really should be a simple life, but somehow I just do not have enough hours in the day. I have a good job. Of course it isn’t … [Read more...]

When is it Time to Remove your Online Dating Profile?

I have never been one to dodge and weave when it comes to my feelings on dating, marriage, and the opposite sex altogether. While it might serve others to be a little more reserved or allusive, that’s just not my style. There is no need to keep the emotional “walls” when being totally open and upfront serves as something of a tool to weed out … [Read more...]