How Green Is Your Tweet?

I recently read a blog post discussing the environmental impact of using and storing your average email. The blog linked to an interesting article by Harper’s that discusses the levels of energy usage consumed by Google’s storage facilities. It’s something I’d not really considered before, and it got me thinking a lot, especially about the use of popular … [Read more...]

This Valentines Day, True Love Plants Trees

Every year I hear the same line, from men and women alike (though mostly men): “Valentine’s Day is just a commercial holiday.” Huh. It’s not that I disagree entirely; it’s just that I think there is a small bit of merit to celebrating the holiday. Sure, it’s sad that as a society we need to take one day out of the year to let our significant others know how … [Read more...]

Esurance Sets the Bar for Eco-Minded Insurance Companies

I remember the first time I saw an Esurance ad on television. The ad didn’t stick out to me because of killer branding or intense concept, though. It stuck out simply because I thought, “Big whoop.” An insurance company branded totally on the fact that you can take care of everything online? I’ve been with Geico since I could drive a car and have never once made … [Read more...]

Go Green and Sustainable by Eating Less Meat

We’ve already decided that going green can be simple. You started making more of an effort to recycle. You’re carpooling a few times a week. You even bought a slew of reusable shopping bags and are actually remembering to use them… but what you’re putting in them may have more of an environmental impact than all the plastic bags you could use in a … [Read more...]

Pond Scum to Clean Up Carbon Emissions

A lot of people are merrily jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon. As reported last week, Bob Lutz wants higher fuel prices to encourage ‘green energy’ solutions. And by promising to significantly cut carbon emissions, President Obama is cleaning up many of the former US administration’s green policies. And now scientists in Kentucky are getting in on the act by … [Read more...]