Should Timothy Geitner be Treasury Secretary?

Some will question if failing to pay taxes in the past should disqualify Mr. Geitner from the post of Treasury secretary. The critics will say with the IRS reporting to the Treasury secretary it would be like the fox guarding the hen house. Others have suggested if he could not figure how to do his taxes how could he do a good job as Treasury secretary? … [Read more...]

GM Vice Chairman Calls for Higher Gas Prices

No, your eyes do not deceive you! And yes, I agree - Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman of General Motors, is probably the last person you’d expect to be calling for higher gas prices. Especially given the state of the economy, and the knock-on effect it’s had on the automotive industry. It’s even more surprising when car manufacturing giants such as GM and Chrysler have … [Read more...]

I Fear For Detroit

I’m worried about my hometown. I’m from a town just out of Toledo, OH. Toledo is very close to Detroit…and of course, Detroit is home to the auto industry. The nation is already in fiscal trouble, but if the auto industry goes runs out of money the already sad job market in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan is going to quickly spiral out of control. I worry … [Read more...]

Bad Economy Woes

Everyone is feeling the impact of this struggling (in some cases downward spiraling ) economy. It is hitting us in the pocket book, and we are having to change our way of life and cutting back to make things work. That alone sucks. However, I was dreading the day where the businesses I frequent would have to make drastic changes or worse - close their doors to … [Read more...]

Knowing About Your Money

I’ll never claim to be an economy expert. However, my not so bright cockatiel could tell you we are amid a financial crisis, and that we have been slowly circling the drain for some time now. As we are inundated with rhetoric about the bail out and golden parachutes, it becomes obvious that many people just are not informed. I’m not a fan of the government … [Read more...]