It’s Possible to BE Green Without Looking Green

I get totally depressed when I go shopping and I’ve come to realize lately that I don’t think that’s the desired effect. (Shopping is supposed to make me feel good, right?) Every time I find something I totally adore and just HAVE to have, I check the label and it’s either made from some animal product, something toxic or in a sweatshop in China. So, I’ve … [Read more...]

How Green is Your Produce?

One of the things that worries me greatly about all this recession hype is that people will buy into the myth that going green is expensive and they'll put off their green efforts until the economy is more stable. I won't lie and say that myth has no truth to it; greening your home from top to bottom can be pricey. But, you don't have to completely redo your home … [Read more...]

Frito-Lay Has New Green Fleet, but We Know Which Green They’re After

I just Googled "Frito-Lay makes people fat." That's right. I did that. My search results didn't really turn up exactly what I had hoped, but I still know that those keywords are the truth. I bet you do, too. Judging by that statement, I'm sure you're now plenty aware that I'm no fan of PepsiCo owned Frito-Lay. In my opinion, the food giant is right up there … [Read more...]

You Can Grow Your Own Fruit – No, Really

For those of us in the northern hemisphere who are currently experiencing unprecedented levels of snowfall, it seems like the growing season is a hell of a long way off. Well, not really. In fact, the start of the growing season is only just around the corner. And there are so many reasons as to why you should make 2009 the year that you made the switch to … [Read more...]

13 Corporate Giants in the Green Revolution

Corporate America is quickly joining the green revolution. I’ve talked before about my issues with the trendiness of being green, but if trendiness is a means to power this revolution, I’m all for it. The good news when it comes to corporate greening is that there usually is some substance behind the hype. That’s because the numbers add up. Corporations are … [Read more...]