Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth? REALLY?

I'm here to tell you that coffee is very unhealthy for you. Everything is relative, of course, so it is undoubtedly healthier for your body than other energy drink alternatives. This post is written from the perspective that "some foods actually promote health while some endanger your health." So healthiER might not be actually healthy (in the health increasing … [Read more...]

Frito-Lay Has New Green Fleet, but We Know Which Green They’re After

I just Googled "Frito-Lay makes people fat." That's right. I did that. My search results didn't really turn up exactly what I had hoped, but I still know that those keywords are the truth. I bet you do, too. Judging by that statement, I'm sure you're now plenty aware that I'm no fan of PepsiCo owned Frito-Lay. In my opinion, the food giant is right up there … [Read more...]

The Holiday Excuse

Christmas is coming and Michael's getting fat Call 1-800-Jenny and you can deal with that If you do not call Jenny, then Weight Watchers will do If you do not call Weight Watchers then God bless you God bless you My friends, I have been on the South Beach diet for the last few months and I must say I feel great. I have lost over 25 pounds and … [Read more...]

Live Foods Lack Some Essentials

Living on Live Foods, by Alissa Cohen, is the book my wife and I have been following for the past 25 days. Alissa Cohen is apparently a pretty big figure in the world of live food diets these days. She provides scores of recipes for live food meals. Some are so good you could slap your mamma (no offense, Mom); others are so sub par that we've cringed at the … [Read more...]