That’s No Way to Treat a Lady!

A woman in politics can’t have things both ways. She can’t be tough, talk trash, eat opponents for breakfast and then try to go into “lady-mode” when her enemies strike back. What brought this idea to mind is, recently, when he was interviewed by Norah O’Donnell on MSNBC, Obama campaign co-chair Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) made the … [Read more...]

I Am Woman

Now that Hillary Clinton’s defeat is a foregone conclusion, the media has taken it upon themselves to ask, “Is America too sexist to vote for a woman for president?” To her credit, Hillary hasn’t been the one to bring this up—yet. However, news organizations have “discovered” that there have been occasions during this … [Read more...]

Take Another Look at the Obama / Clinton Dream Ticket

You hear a lot of talk about Obama and Clinton as a dream ticket, that Clinton will help Obama win the needed 270 electoral votes needed to be the next President of the United States.  Many people will point out that Clinton can help carry women, Latinos and that all important group, hard working white people.  Also, she did have over 18 million people … [Read more...]

Obama and Napoleon: Facing Similar Opponents?

In 1812 Napoleon Bonaparte lead his army on a mission of conquest of Russia.  His plan was to take Moscow and winter the harsh Russian winter there.   He would then complete his conquest of this giant country the following spring and be the Master of Europe.  In 1812 there was no army in the world that could compete against France on land and … [Read more...]

Why I Voted for Hillary

Let me tell you the ten most painful words I have ever said in my life, “I would like to vote in the Democratic Primary please”.  The pain is still with me even today and not only is the pain in my heart there but they branded my voter registration card with the word Democrat on it.  Me, Mr. Vast Right Wing Conspiracy stranded as Democrat, … [Read more...]