The American (2010) – A Cold Story Served Well Like Chilled Caviar

This is a cold movie. No, it's a FREEZING cold movie! (WARNING: some story spoilers ahead...) The main character is steel cold. It opens up with a literally cold snowy scene. The warmest human relationship is a one-night stand at an Italian bordello (at least until Act 3). SIDEBAR: There was another movie with a similar name that I watched years ago: THE … [Read more...]

Movie Review — Shutter Island (2010), a Psychological Thriller Masterpiece

A masterpiece by Martin Scorsese on the level of Taxi Driver and Goodfellas. The year is 1954. U.S. Marshal Edward "Teddy" Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio in his usual pedal-to-the-metal best) heads for the psychiatric-jail on Shutter Island to investigate the case of a missing patient/criminal, Rachel Solando. Accompanying him is his junior partner Chuck Aule … [Read more...]

Movie Review — Intermission (2003), a “romantic thriller” that parodies itself

Intermission, director John Crowley’s first film, is supposed to be a film about “life is what happens in between” two major events; that is, an intermission. But the ending proves the reverse – that, no matter what happens during the intermission, the RESUMPTION of the pre-intermission process towards the MEANINGFUL CULMINATION of one’s life scenario is what … [Read more...]

Sprawling from Grace: Driven to Madness

The Fallacy: Advances in technology will empower Americans to continue living life the way they have always lived, and it will do so by providing alternative energy sources to power their cars, trucks, and SUVs... and that everything will be fine. "For as long as most Americans can remember, the car has been the icon of the American dream. It stirred our … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Gone Baby Gone

I usually do my best to review a movie, give my opinions and still keep the important surprises for you to discover on your own should you decide to see the movie. I started a blog for Gone Baby Gone a few weeks ago but stopped because I realized that I didn’t really want to do a review about it. I didn’t want to tell you bits and pieces to intrigue you to … [Read more...]