Music Review: Brandy’s New Album, Human

After a 4 year hiatus, Brandy is back with her 5th studio album, Human. It's an extremely personal effort that sounds like entries ripped from the singer’s diary. Brandy fans will be happy to hear that her voice has matured and rides the beat effortlessly as she sings of love, hope and new beginnings. Human has Brandy linking back up with producer Rodney Jerkins … [Read more...]

Music Review: The Weepies’ Hideaway

Hideaway is the follow-up to The Weepies' critically acclaimed 2006 album Say I Am You.  You know it was critically acclaimed because you could barely throw a rock without hitting a TV showing a mainstream drama featuring a track from the album.  But seriously, they were slapping The Weepies all over Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl because Say I … [Read more...]

Music Review: Mountain Battles by The Breeders

I’ll be perfectly honest—I have a giant girl-crush on Kim Deal.  It first started when I was in junior high and The Breeders’ smash hit “Cannonball” was all over the alternative airwaves.  I was absolutely devastated when I was forbidden to attend Lollapalooza ‘94 to hear them perform live.  It really should have … [Read more...]

Music Review: Counting Crows’ Saturday Nights

Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings is the first new studio release from Counting Crows since 2002's Hard Candy.  Unlike Hard Candy, which I didn't particularly care for, Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings really takes me back to the earlier, less saccharine sound that made Counting Crows instant stars on the alternative airwaves--and instant … [Read more...]