Instant Viewpoint Goodies from the Social Web

Facebook and Twitter have made my life easier in many ways. Yes, I reap the benefits of social media. I keep in touch with friends and family. I keep up on things I don’t have the time to actually sit through. I share pictures and stories. There is one thing that I interesting about social media and controversy: it makes the debate, discussion and even trash … [Read more...]

Am I the Only One Who Pays My Taxes?

I feel like a real schmuck. The sad fact is that the reason I feel like an idiot is because I’m honest. On the day I’m writing this, February 2nd, I’m gathering up all my tax stuff to send to the lady who has done our taxes for years. While I’m looking through all our receipts, records, W-2s and such, I’m listening to talk radio and how Tom Daschle, Obama’s … [Read more...]

Obama Inspires Celebrity Pledge to Be as Decent as the Rest of Us

[youtube:] I’m just a little person, which means I’m not a celebrity. And yet everyday, I try to be a good mom, wife, writer and friend. For a year now, we’ve been recycling and I volunteer my time teaching Sunday school and working with the Boy Scouts. I don’t mention this to pat myself on the back, but to point out … [Read more...]

The Media’s Political Double Standard

I can plainly remember Clinton’s first inauguration. Part of the reason might be because my boss at the time was a huge supporter of his and wanted to rush home at lunch time so she could watch it. She invited me along and we sat in her living room eating BBQ beef sandwiches on TV trays while we watched Bill Clinton take the oath. Afterward, I remember admiring … [Read more...]

Change Has Come to the White House

Someone on the White House marketing staff is very proud of himself/herself right now, and they should be. President Elect Obama's website was transferred over to during Obama's inaugural address. So in truth, Change HAS come to the White House. Probably via ftp. President Obama's staff is already busy blogging. Visit the White … [Read more...]