2 Tips for Writing Better Prose

(Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons) Tip 1: Vary Your Sentence Length One sure way to put your readers to sleep is to write with constant-length sentences. Change the length for a better copy. SHORT SENTENCE Copy: "Times are bad. Economy's tanking. Latest figures are not good. Government published a report. It confirms the rumors. We're in a … [Read more...]

can you see

i saw horrible things, my dear horribly wasted innocent babies your stomach would turn eyes would bleed and hearts would swell we live in a beautiful world choose your glances carefully shrivelled grass and skin blow in the wind like torn pages life is but a dream, they say tortured by bandits & penniless drifters neon markets and cannibals' … [Read more...]


some day your voice will mature having lived many more years having shed many more tears. you will know more about yourself. you will have earned the right to have something to say. when the days of testosterone madness and crazed manic proclamations have gone the way of the dodo... perhaps a small book could be squeezed from your veins. there's a reason why God … [Read more...]


my head is pounding left eyebrow pulsing with pain. the words i spoke in anger changed the world before my eyes. maybe it was just my heart, but either way i cannot move from this sofa. i cannot hope to succeed. i cannot say with confidence, "life will soon be good." i can hope. and that is what i do. i can moan, and i do that too. it just doesn't make sense that … [Read more...]

waiting. wishing. hoping.

i wish i could spoil you. cook you simple meals as best i can. see your teary smile as i propose cry my own tears as you hold our firstborn. i wait and anticipate the day you'll be mine. every happy couple, every loving mother, every expression of love reminds me of you... of my hope for you. it is true that i hurt you. it is true that i do not deserve … [Read more...]