Book Review: Warbreaker

Although there is a sufficient number of titles to grant "fantasy" a section separate from science fiction in most bookstores, they are still grouped together. The irony is, in most cases, a fantasy novel has to incorporate many features of science fiction to create a new world or environment. Whether it be a new flora, fauna, world, technology or form of … [Read more...]

Growing Up with Science Fiction in the 1940s

When I was a kid, I bought my first science-fiction magazine at the age of thirteen. All older science-fiction fans remember when they bought their first magazine, and we were all about the same age - twelve, thirteen, maybe fourteen. In the 1930s and 1940s we were all pretty much alike as well. We wore knickers, sat down to a chicken dinner every Sunday, and … [Read more...]

Follow Up: Warehouse 13

I had my reservations about this show, but I was hopeful it would only get better. I had concerns about the female lead, and the stories moving a little slow. So far, the show has met my expectations, but there are a few rough patches. The show has picked up the pace. I do like the new take they are taking on this premise (well premises seeing how it is three … [Read more...]

Syfy? Really?

Sometimes re-branding is a good idea. When correctly implemented and the proper changes are made, it can make a huge difference. However, sometimes you just have to wonder what the company was thinking. The Sci-fi Channel’s morph to being Syfy is one of those “what were they thinking moments.” Okay Sci-fi/Syfy, I get that you are trying to reinvent yourself as … [Read more...]