New Internet Talk Show Launches for Indie Authors

Earlier this year, Ozuna Publications, in conjunction with Artist First Radio Network, launched an Internet talk show designed specifically for the independently published author, also known as self-published authors. If you take into account the vast array of new publishing houses and books released each year, it is no wonder why so many are swarming to get in … [Read more...]

Stuck in a Writing Rut? Bring Out the Prompts!

Okay, so you finished your literary project—your book is now complete and you find yourself fidgeting, pacing and (maybe like me) spending more time hovered over a blank page biting your nails than you do writing new material. I know, I know, as if completing the book wasn’t hard enough—you still need to write to stay sharp, avoid laziness and … [Read more...]

The Virtual Book Tour

One new concept which has become available to [all] authors looking for new trendy means for promoting their work is something called the Virtual Book Tour—or VBT for short.  Like the more traditional brick & mortar book signing event, VBTs allow authors an opportunity to connect with readers of their particular genre, but without regional … [Read more...]

Beach Book Festival Writing Contest Ends Soon

Back in March, featured my article: “More Award Contests for Independent Authors and Publishers.” As part of my commitment to help the self-released author find success I am posting this article as a brief reminder that you still have time (though not much) to submit your title to the 2008 BEACH BOOK FESTIVAL hosted by JM Northern … [Read more...]

The Need to Write: Tapping into Your Creative Flow

Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank page of a [possibly] brand new composition book, feeling the gut-wrenching urge to write but instead of drafting the next great American novel, you find yourself ripping your hair out or beating your forehead on your desktop because you don’t know where to begin? If you have ever felt this way, then let me … [Read more...]