Chris Smith Speaks on SEO for Bloggers

Christ Smith has just taken the stage. We will begin coverage immediately. Please refresh this page to see more coverage as it unfolds.  Chris Smith specializes in local optimization. He contributes to and  Optimizing Your Blog Beef up your internal hierarchical linking structure … [Read more...]

Perhaps I Could Use Some Reputation Management

I wonder, seeing how so many search results for my name have to do with SEO "experts" criticizing one of my older articles. Not to mention the fact that any visitor to this site has no idea what to make of me. I am the definition of Random Man. I experienced this problem last January when I was looking for a job. Everyone I sent a resume to visited this website. … [Read more...]

SEO Myth 1.5

It surprised me to hear that one or two people found and responded to my article, "Breaking SEO Myths Part One: The SEO Expert. You can imagine my surprise when, after ten months of having published this, I suddenly receive several email and blog responses on the topic. I've asked a couple non-SEO people to read both my article and the responses so that I could … [Read more...]

SEO and The Great Conversation

Some days I wonder how I get from point A to point B without tripping over my own feet. Other days it seems the world is my oyster. Then there are days when I'd rather be a cat... don't ask. This, however, is not one of those days. What does that mean exactly? I honestly don't know. But wouldn't it be cool if I was a cat!?!?! I'd like to thank each and every … [Read more...]

Daniel Dessinger Joins VIZION Interactive

I decided to go against tradition and stick with a blog post rather than an interactive press release. It's official: Monday, October 2nd was my first day at Vizion Interactive, Inc. It's an exciting move - one full of possibilities. I've worked with the president of the company on several projects over the past year. Recently, he called me up and offered me a … [Read more...]