Let the Fall Season Begin

As summer comes to a close, we bid farewell to our favorite summer shows. They kept us company over the past few months. There are even a few that I wish would get the full 22 week season treatment (who doesn’t need more True Blood?). Soon our regular season shows will be back in rotation. Along with our friends that made the cut last spring, we will see a … [Read more...]

RIP Reading Rainbow

“Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high” ok now many of know those words. We grew up hearing them everyday after Sesame Street and Mister Rogers, it is the opening words to Reading Rainbow’s theme song. That song has now been silenced. The last episode of the show aired August 28, 2009. After 26 years, a great show that has helped children learn to enjoy … [Read more...]

Syfy? Really?

Sometimes re-branding is a good idea. When correctly implemented and the proper changes are made, it can make a huge difference. However, sometimes you just have to wonder what the company was thinking. The Sci-fi Channel’s morph to being Syfy is one of those “what were they thinking moments.” Okay Sci-fi/Syfy, I get that you are trying to reinvent yourself as … [Read more...]

Summer TV in 2009: Not Just Reruns Anymore

Welcome to the summer television season. In the past summer has been home to reruns and reality programming. I didn’t watch the first season of SCRUBS, but I fell in love with it when NBC featured it in blocks over the summer. Now things are changing. Cable networks and even some of the regular networks are bringing back some new blood to the airwaves. Plus there … [Read more...]