My Dirty Little Reality TV Secret

I have never been a big fan of reality television. I admittedly did watch early seasons of the Real World, but I put the blame of that on my being young and stupid. The last season I could actually sit through was the San Francisco house. Since then I have become a little bit of a television snob. I like my television shows well written, snarky, smart, … [Read more...]

Summer Show to Watch: Eureka

I’ll be the first to admit that I only causally watch the Sci-fi Channel’s Eureka. I never thought it was a bad show, but it just sort of happened. Before I had a DVR, I was never home when it was on. Then when I got my DVR, I kept forgetting to record it. Really I hadn’t given the show much more thought, but now I am thinking it will be one of the fun light … [Read more...]

Midseason TV Is Back, and Sorrier than Ever

Well, well, well. Look whose come crawling back, begging us to watch TV. In the aftermath of last year’s writer’s strike, viewership of network TV is down 9 percent across the board. It seems that during the hiatus, we viewers discovered there are other places where we can spend our time, either on the computer, or gaming, or, gasp!, with friends and family or … [Read more...]

Hurling for Dollars

A friend of mine reads one to two novels a week. He can do this because he considers watching TV a waste of time. I’ve encountered others who, when I ask, “Did you see that show last nigh?” will say things like, “Oh, I never watch TV.” Invariably their tone is so smug when they utter this phrase. I admit that I watch more television … [Read more...]