Here’s Why Twitter Shouldn’t Succumb to Anonymous

As a distant appreciator of Anonymous' work, I typically have little to complain about. After all, they have brought a measure of justice to a world where red tape allows the guilty to remain free. But we've crossed the threshhold here with this latest #OpISIS campaign. According to, This time the hacker team has been teaming up with GhostSec and … [Read more...]

Instant Viewpoint Goodies from the Social Web

Facebook and Twitter have made my life easier in many ways. Yes, I reap the benefits of social media. I keep in touch with friends and family. I keep up on things I don’t have the time to actually sit through. I share pictures and stories. There is one thing that I interesting about social media and controversy: it makes the debate, discussion and even trash … [Read more...]

RIP Reading Rainbow

“Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high” ok now many of know those words. We grew up hearing them everyday after Sesame Street and Mister Rogers, it is the opening words to Reading Rainbow’s theme song. That song has now been silenced. The last episode of the show aired August 28, 2009. After 26 years, a great show that has helped children learn to enjoy … [Read more...]

How Twitter Has Helped My Writing

Twitter has improved my writing…no really it has. It has made me work harder and be more focused on my business. I know Twitter doesn’t seem like an obvious writing aide, but it has helped make a difference in my writing. Of course, I joined Twitter to network and to direct more traffic towards my work. I’m not a huge blogger, and the words “social media … [Read more...]

Why Are People Anti-Twitter?

I have been using Twitter for about a year and a half now. I love it because it allows me to network with new friends, other bloggers and media professionals and keep a level of anonymity that social media sites like Facebook and Myspace lacks. Yes you divulge personal details on Twitter, but it doesn’t give your “Tweeps” (aka followers) access to your photos … [Read more...]