Confessions of an OCD Vacation Planner

Hello, my name is Jenni, and I’m an OCD vacation planner. On the actual vacation itself, I’m pretty flexible. I have an idea of what things I want to do, and then plan my days accordingly as I go. Unless I have specific tours scheduled or preset plans, I tend to wing it. Yes, a little planning goes into it (IE if I’m in San Francisco and I want to go to Mission … [Read more...]

How to Handle the Travel Bubble

After 9/11, people stopped travelling. This caused the travel industry to buckle down and start making travel affordable again. They (especially the hotel industry) slashed prices, and made the world of budget travel a happy place. You could find amazing deals on Hotwire, Priceline, Expedia, and many other travel sites. Solo travel for the average twenty … [Read more...]

You Need a Vacation… From Your Problems!

In the great movie, “What About Bob?” Doctor Leo Marvin writes Bob a prescription. Now, this prescription is not for a new drug or another round of treatment, rather it is a prescription for Bob to take a vacation, a vacation from his problems. While that advice may sound over simplistic, in a way, there is a lot of truth to it. Of course, when you are dealing … [Read more...]

Cure for Job Burnout

My cabin is booked, I’m pretty sure I have a roommate, the only thing I have to do is raise the rest of my money and book my airfare and I will be headed to Cozumel in December on a cruise ship. This is the one thing I have to look forward to as we trudge through the last week a late registration. Merely saying I need this vacation is not adequate. Work burnout … [Read more...]

The iPhone: My Vacation Savior

As some of you may know from my previous post, I just recently got back from 7 days of paradise in Destin, Florida. It’s true what you’ve heard and read: the sands are sugar and the waters are warm and painted with emeralds. It truly is a fantastic place to vacation and to bring all 15 of your family members, including little babies and nieces, isn’t vacation … [Read more...]