Do All Writers Write Books?

Do you hear that sound of smacking lips? That’s me trying to get the bad taste of Austin out of my mouth. That sounds really negative, doesn’t it? It wasn’t all bad. I’m just let down. In my previous post, I wrote with excitement about going to Austin to the Agents and Editors Conference. The trip really was worthwhile. I met some … [Read more...]

Top 10 Rules of Success for a Young Writer (Part 3 of 3)

Rules 7 - 10 7) Repeat after Kenny Rogers: “You got to know when to hold’em; know when to fold’em…” Sometimes we all get stuck on a track that leads to nowhere but for some reason we keep banging our heads on the same wall. There ARE alternatives in life, especially for writers. Remember that. I was a newspaper reporter for four … [Read more...]

Top 10 Rules of Success for a Young Writer (Part 2 of 3)

Rules 3 - 6 3) Know your heart and your inner voice. WHY are you writing? Money is fine, but what else? What are your beliefs and core values? What is your Truth? The answers to these questions do not come easy and they change over time too. I’m for example still formulating my answers and refining them, re-configuring some of them. But the questions are … [Read more...]

Stuck in a Writing Rut? Bring Out the Prompts!

Okay, so you finished your literary project—your book is now complete and you find yourself fidgeting, pacing and (maybe like me) spending more time hovered over a blank page biting your nails than you do writing new material. I know, I know, as if completing the book wasn’t hard enough—you still need to write to stay sharp, avoid laziness and … [Read more...]

Beach Book Festival Writing Contest Ends Soon

Back in March, featured my article: “More Award Contests for Independent Authors and Publishers.” As part of my commitment to help the self-released author find success I am posting this article as a brief reminder that you still have time (though not much) to submit your title to the 2008 BEACH BOOK FESTIVAL hosted by JM Northern … [Read more...]