Taylor Leaves Kidd Kraddick in the Morning

Taylor Glover

If you've been waiting to find out which member of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning is leaving the company, the suspense is over… Taylor is leaving Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. It came as a total shocker to me. I read through each person's letter of resignation and my vote would have gone to either Kelly or Dino (Big Al was my sleeper). I thought there would be no way that either Taylor or JC would even consider leaving the show at this stage of their careers.

I considered Taylor the third biggest lock on the team (Kidd simply can't leave and Shanon holds the ship together). But no… no. Despite being the lucky winner of the Radio Dream Job Contest, Taylor's heart belongs to Hollywood.  

Taylor has become extremely popular among the show's national fan base. She's brought a little Highland Park attitude to the show. Whether she's pretending to be JC's embarrassing wife out in public or conducting a flirtatious interview with the visiting band members, Taylor has forged an identity on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning that frankly will be difficult to replace. 

What is Taylor up to now?

Next Wednesday, she will hop on a plane to Hollywood and take a shot at being an actress. I wouldn't be surprised if Kidd hooked her up with a few connections. It would be in the show's best interest to have one of the voices turn successful Hollywood actress. Don't be surprised if you see Taylor guest starring on a show or film in the next three years.

Who will replace Taylor?

I haven't heard word yet, but don't be surprised if Kidd throws another intern contest. I have seen KKITM post an ad recently looking for interns, so maybe that was related… maybe not. The morning radio show had excellent chemistry with Taylor on the show. Kidd, Kellie, and Big Al are reliable, established brands and JC and Taylor were the fresh, young voice of the morning show. Her leaving will create a serious gap that Kidd will HAVE to somehow fill. As popular as Kellie Raspberry is, Taylor brought a feminine balance to Kidd and JC's never ending bursts of energy. 

So look for Kidd to throw together some sort of contest to replace Taylor. They need the youth to keep the show going strong.

Taylor will be missed. Best of luck, Taylor. Come back and visit the show. 

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  1. says

    WOW, Thank you!
    I loved what you wrote and the positive support I felt when I read it. It means a lot to me. This decision was one of the hardest ones I have ever had to make, but in my heart it is what I feel I have to do. So, thank you again.

    Your friend,

    Taylor Glover

  2. Mia says

    Oh happy day!!! I could not wait for her to leave the show, it made listening to it extremely hard, I know that sounds mean, but it’s my opinion. Good luck in Hollywood. I didn’t love you as part of the show, but as an actress I could see that…

  3. Didi says

    Have nothing against Taylor, but she was useless to the show.
    She had no input on the show, could not improv and all her bits fell flat. I don’t know the girl and I’m sure she is good at other things, but she is NOT a good DJ. Most of the time I found her to be unbearably annoying. Her voice is a snobbish whine. Girl wasn’t pulling her weight and I’m suprised Kidd even kept her around past the contest period.

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