Monday December 22nd 2014

What Ever Happened to Taylor from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning?

taylor-gloverA while back, I wrote an article about Taylor Glover leaving the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning radio show. The syndicated show is available over a majority of the U.S., and online at

Taylor was the youngest, freshest, and yes, occasionally most irritating part of the KKITM morning show. Taylor announced on the air that she saw an opportunity to act in Hollywood, so she dropped the show and took off. I have my doubts that she’ll make it, personally. She has a personality for radio, which doesn’t necessarily equate to acting ability.

KKITM suffered greatly when she left. Within two months, I stopped listening to the show daily. This is strictly my take. KKITM is supposed to be, in my understanding, everything that pop music is: fresh, a little edgy, positive, upbeat, and full of energy. How exactly are three 40+ year olds and one guy in his mid-20s going to bring the heat? Answer: they’re not.

I have historically been a fan of KKITM, despit it’s estrogen charged personality (target demographic is women aged 20-40). But with Taylor, it was the youngest, freshest morning show in Dallas. The other morning shows I might consider edgy are way too crass and carriers of the truck stop oogie feeling.

Sports radio saved the day for me in Taylor’s absence, but post-Cowboys regular season FAIL, I’m struggling to find good morning radio content. In fact, I’ve switched to pre-recorded podcasts and archived radio footage for my morning drives.

But, back to the point, does anyone know what happened to Taylor? Is she in Hollywood? Is she back here? Success? Failure? Pregnancyy? Overdose? Hiding under a rock?

If IMDB can be trusted, Taylor is listed in the credits for the upcoming film, Cupid’s Arrow, starring C. Thomas Howell and Chandler Rylko (?). No clue if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Sounds a bit B flickish to me.

If you have any updates on Taylor, please leave them in the comments or send them to me via email.

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  • bobofettucine

    Taylor was an annoying B. Kelly is the real thing. Don’t mess with perfection.

  • Maegan

    She left the show to pursue acting. Per her mouth on the show.

  • Artex

    According to her, she did a 3 month stint as an assistant at MTV from Feb 08 to April 08. She is now a booking agent at Corporate Sports Unlimited in LA since Aug 08.

  • Daniel Dessinger

    Awesome, Artex. Thanks for the update.

  • Terry

    She just got a 3 second cameo in a swedish commercial. Look around the 18 second mark.

  • DanielthePoet

    Wow. How'd you find that?

  • Ed hardy

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